Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Efficient Congenital Procedures
for Restoring Heart Health

Apollo CVHF is an advanced center for diagnosis and treatment of adults with congenital heart diseases. Our expert team of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, nurses and technicians work in conjunction to treat complex congenital issues. With specialization in diagnosis and treatment, our team provides a personalized treatment and recovery plan to help restore heart health.

Adult Congenital Procedures at Apollo CVHF

  • Reparative congenital heart surgeries
  • Palliative congenital heart surgeries

Why Choose Apollo CVHF for Congenital Heart Disease Treatments?

  • Expert Cardiologists with rich experience in dealing with complex heart conditions.
  • Personalized treatment plans with high success rates
  • Syndicated medical care approach for specialized and personalized care
  • Easy communication with specialists via scheduled appointments and on-call consultation

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