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Being an advanced heart care center in the region, Apollo CVHF Heart Institute is a hub for informative events and activities that raise awareness about heart health.

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On 11th Feb 2023, During 13th Conference of GAPIO -( Global Association of Physicians of Indian origin) Dr.Sameer Dani – Chief Interventional Cardiologist & Director of Cardiology Services at Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad presented talk on the Topic “Catheter based Cardiac Interventions, Whats new?“.
13th Conference-GAPIO

Our CEO Dr. Sameer Dani recently did a presentation on post PCI lipid management in Indian at Advance Cardiology Summit (ACS). Few glimpse from the presentation.


Apollo CVHF wishes you Happy Republic Day

Happy Republic Day

Glimpses of knowledge sharing event of CSI Ahmedabad Chapter on “Pathways of managing Complex lesions” proved to be a knowledge feast for all attendees. Case based presentations by speakers and discussions on the same made it very interesting. Program chairpeson was Dr.Sameer Dani.

CSI Ahmedabad

We are proud to announce that Apollo CVHF Heart Institute team has perfomed yet another successful TAVR procedure on 79 year old male patient. The case was especially challenging with patient weighing 35 kg with multiple comorbidites like chronic kidney disease, Coronary artery disease with severe LV dysfunction (15% EF), COPD, and NYHA class IV.

We applaud our team for excellent effort and wish our patient a speedy recovery.

TAVR Procedure
ZERO Contrast PCI under IVUS Guidance
ZERO Contrast PCI under IVUS Guidance

Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad organized a workshop on ” ZERO Contrast PCI under IVUS guidance”.

On 8th Nov.2022, Dr.Sanjog Kalra from Toronto General Hospital Canada & Dr.Sameer Dani- Chief Interventional Cardiologist Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad along with Team performed interventions using this technique.

Dr. Sanjog Kalra is one of the pioneers in “ZERO Contrast PCI”.

  • CVD – A leading cause of death in ESRD Patients
    PCI ( Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) is denied by Cardiologists in patients with ESRD( End Stage Renal Disease) or CKD ( Chronic Kidney Disease) due to complexity of the procedure and complications. ZERO Contrast PCI…. Is a blessing for ESRD patients because it is performed under IVUS guidance without using Contrast/dye.
  • ZERO Contrast PCI under IVUS guidance can be performed by highly skilled Operator, where advanced Cath lab is available.

ZERO Contrast PCI is useful in….
1) CTO ( Chronic Total Occlusion)
IVUS guidance helps to create true lumen and with the help of image it is easier to open Chronically Total Occluded Artery.
2) Ostial lesions- lesions in the opening of the Coronary Arteries can be stented very effectively with the help of IVUS.

ISR (Instant Restenosis), STEMI ( Acute MI), LM Bifurcations and all different types of Coronary lesions can be handled very easily and long term benefits can be achieved using ZERO Contrast PCI under IVUS guidance.

We wish you all a very Happy Diwali & A Prosperous New Year.
Happy Diwali & A Prosperous New Year
Apollo CVHF Heart Institute employees celebrated recently concluded Navratri festival. Hear are the glimpses of the same.
Navratri Celebration @ Apollo CVHF
In recent press coverage Apollo CVHF CEO Dr. Sameer Dani talks about the recent trend of increase in Coronary artery disease due to COVID-19. It is very important to check in with your doctor if you have pre-existing heart conditions & have suffered from Covid-19. Don’t forget to consult your cardiologist.
World Heart Day
Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad became host for Amdavad Distance Runners-ADR and celebrated upcoming World Heart Day. ADR is the largest group of runners in Ahmedabad. They completed thieir 15 to 21 Km. run and reached at Apollo CVHF Heart Institute in the morning. This year’s Slogan for World Heart Day is “Use Heart for every Heart”. Being emotionally attached , being more socially connected with each other reduces stress, which is one of the risk factors of Heart diseases. Same in line, around 200 people assembled and enjoyed this event. Dr.Sameer Dani- Chief Interventional Cardiologist & CEO Apollo CVHF Heart Institute addressed the group with relevant speech. He announced the launch of Specially defined Athletes Health Check up package. All the participants had lots of fun. Snaps posted here tells the story of joyful moments of the event.
Use Heart for every Heart

CSI Ahmedabad Chapter organized CME of Dr. Piotr Ponokowski International Speaker from Poland, on the Topic : ” Worsening Heart Failure Management”.

Dr. Sameer Dani was the Moderator to the CME. Information exchanged during the CME enlightened the audience about the usage of molecule Vericiguat in Heart failure management.

CSI Ahmedabad Chapter organized CME
Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad wishes you a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthy
Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad wishes you a very Happy Janmashtami.
Happy Janmashtami
Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad celebrated 76th Independence Day. Dr.Sameer Dani Director Cardiology Services & Chief Interventional Cardiologist hoisted the flag in presence of consultants and employees.
Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad celebrated 76th Independence Day
Prof. Antonio Colombo, Italy & Dr.Sameer Dani’s Press Meet on Drug Coated Balloons and Dr. Colombo’s CME:

Professor Antonio Colombo from Milan Italy, who is a living legend in the field of Interventional Cardiology was at Apollo CVHF Heart Institute, Ahmedabad on 12th Aug 2022 . Prof. Colombo and Dr.Sameer Dani- Director cardiology Services & Chief Interventional Cardiologist organized a workshop on the usage of Drug Coated Balloons ( DCBs).

During a Press Meet in the afternoon with Print & TV media they briefed about the usage of Drug Coated Balloons in certain conditions instead of Stents. Using stents leads to permanent caging into the lumen of the Coronary Arteries and due to In Stent Restenosis (ISR) it sometimes become the cause of recurrent Angioplasty requirement. Drug Coated Balloons can be the perfect option to Stents in certain conditions.

Prof. Antonio Colombo presented a lecture in the evening as CME to invited Cardiological Society of India (CSI) Ahmedabad chapter members.”



Apollo CVHF Heart Institute wishes you Happy Rakshabandhan.
Apollo CVHF Heart Institute wishes you Happy Rakshabandhan

CSI-NIC 2022 Mid term Meet

Cardiological Society of India (CSI) Ahmedabad Chapter successfully organized National Interventional Council (NIC), CSI-NIC Mid Term Meet 2022 at Ahmedabad between 17th to 19th June 2022. Dr.Sameer Dani-Organizing Secretary involved all the members of CSI and team of all the knowledge partners from Healthcare Industry and articulated one of the biggest events in the field of Interventional Cardiology. Live Cases were demonstrated. Debates, discussions on numerous topics, techniques and Scientific sessions proved to be a bouquet of knowledge feast for all the delegates. Renowned Interventional Cardiologists from across the country and abroad participated. Around 2500 visitors recorded to visit the venue during conference. Entertainment programmes such as Magic Show & Musical Night were appreciated by all. All in all it was knowledge sharing event with Get together of stalwarts who exchanged knowledge enjoying it thoroughly.
CSI-NIC 2022 Mid term Meet
Renowned singer KK’s demise due to Myocardial Infarction shocked everyone. Dr.Samer Dani- Chief Interventional Cardiologist & Director enlightens us about Myocardial Infarction with his article published in Indian Express.
Myocardial Infarction
Celebrating 3 Years of Compassion & Care
Celebrating 3 Years of Compassion & Care
Happy World Health Day
World Health Day
Happy & Safe Holi from Apollo CVHF
Happy & Safe Holi from Apollo CVHF

We are proud to announce that Dr. Sameer Dani & Dr. Raj Makkar along with Apollo CVHF team have performed yet another successful TAVR procedure on 86 year old male patient.

Our team of experts from USA are here till March 12th March 2022. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity to consult with them book an appointment today.

Although Dr.Sameer Dani and Apollo CVHF team is always available for consultation and best suitable treatment option.

For Appointment contact : 7202011197/7202011190


Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad celebrated International Women’s day with big bang. Right from the morning all female visitors got delighted as they were being greeted for Women’s day with rose buds. They were more happy as management declared 10% discount on all OPD services starting from 8th March to 12th March ’22.

Our patients, Nursing staff and doctors were also greeted.

Dr.Anagha Zope from Apollo CBCC cancer care enlightened all female staff presenting Health Talk on Women’s Health.

Participation from all the departments made the programme very successful.

International Womens day
On 4th March 2022 our Cardiologist Dr.Dushyant Balat presented Health Talk on the topic “Lifestyle & Medicines role in Prevention of Heart Disease” at one of the corporates at Kathwada GIDC Estate.
Lifestyle & Medicines role in Prevention of Heart Disease
92-yr-old’s Mitral valve leakage treated for the first time in Gujarat without opening chest or heart.
Mitral valve leakage treated

Gujarat origin US Doctor performs Minimally Invasive procedure (PMVR) to repair valve leakage with Mitraclip at Apollo CVHF

In a first-of-its-kind advanced cardiology procedure in Gujarat, leakage in the mitral valve of a 92-year-old elderly was repaired using the novel non-invasive Percutaneous Mitral Valve Repair (PMVR) technique at Apollo CVHF Hospital. The leakage was `clipped’ or treated without opening the chest or the heart using Mitraclip.

The procedure was carried out at Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad by three visiting Cardiology experts from US: renowned interventional Cardiologist of Gujarati origin Dr.Raj Makkar, Cardiologist Dr.Tarun Chakravarti and Cardiac Anaesthesiologist Dr.Moody Makar along with Dr. Sai Satish -renowned interventional Cardiologist from Chennai and Dr.Sameer Dani. Dr.Raj Makkar is a world expert in transcatheter Mitral valve repair procedures and has done the highest number of Mitraclip procedures in US in 2020. Correspondingly Dr.Sai Satish has done highest number of such procedures in India.

The 92 years old patient had been suffering from heart issues owing to valve leakage for
12 years. Even after several interventions and treatment, his condition did not improve. He was referred to Apollo CVHF for further diagnosis. A team led by Dr. Sameer Dani, Director, Cardiology Services at Apollo CVHF, conducted a thorough investigation and derived at clipping the leakage using a non-invasive method. Given the age of the patient, any outwardly invasive procedure or surgery would have been critical.

Speaking about the procedure of PMVR, Dr Sameer Dani, Director, Cardiology Services at Apollo CVHF said, “PMVR is a likely game-changer for many cardiac patients battling mitral valve regurgitation and resultant heart complications. It is a minimally invasive procedure wherein the chest or the heart is not opened to repair the leaking valve. Using this new technique, the heart is approached through the femoral artery. By making a small puncture from the right side of the heart through the septum between the atrium, the left side of the heart is reached. Once it is done, the leaking valve is simply repaired by delivering a stitch which is a kind of a staple. It is called Mitraclip.”

Dr Dani further added that PMVR significantly reduces the morbidity, risk and recovery time of the patients. Against the average seven-day hospitalization in open-heart surgery, a patient post PMVR procedure is discharged in two to three days. The risk of mortality is cut from 1-2% in surgery to 0.5%.

Malfunctioning of Mitral Valve is a relatively common cardiac ailment among the Indian population. Nearly 2% of the adult population has some degree of leakage from the mitral valve. With age, the mitral valve leakage incidence rises. In the population of 40-60 years, it ranges from 15-20%, while in 75 years plus, this is reported to be as high as 25-30%.

Mild-moderate cases of valve leakage are usually managed through medications; however, surgical interventions such as valve repair or valve replacement are needed when it progresses to moderate to severe.

The typical symptom of Mitral valve disease is breathlessness which first manifests during exertion but later, as the condition deteriorates, persists even at rest. The 92-year-old patient also mainly suffered breathlessness and was hospitalized six times in the past eight months. The elderly patient is stable now, and the doctors are hopeful of an event-free recovery.

Apollo CVHF Heart Institute is one of Gujarat’s leading cardiac care centers using state-of-art interventional technology and conventional surgical options.

All India Radio Ahmedabad will broadcast Interview of Dr Sameer Dani, Cardiologist – Sahiyar Programme on 29th September at 12:30 pm
World Heart Day
To Celebrate World Heart Day Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Brings to you an Exclusive Offer!
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi & Micchami Dukkadam