What Our Patients are saying?

Happy & Satisfied Patients are the Testimony of Our Success Story

Apollo CVHF Heart Institute has been working in the field of healthcare for decades and is committed to restoring heart health, efficiently. Over the years, we have touched the lives of hundreds of patients, who vouch for our commitment and service quality. Here, we present to you, the thoughts and words of patients who received quality care at Apollo CVHF Heart Institute.

Rushda Mansuri

Rushda Mansuri, who underwent MICS shares her experience of the procedure and doctors at Apollo CVHF Heart Institute.

Jigar Vaishnav, Ahmedabad

Mr. Ramesh Shah

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

Patient Rameshbhai Shah 86 year old Male patient suffering from Severe Aortic Stenosis chose to be operated for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) at Apollo CVHF Heart Institute Ahmedabad by Dr.Sameer Dani & Dr.Raj Makkar. His TAVR procedure was successfully performed on 9th March and he got discharged from the hospital from 11th March 2022.

Mr. Mr. N. Pathak, Bhavnagar


Mr. Anilkumar Chopra, Delhi


Nakaliisa Aminah, Uganda

Operated for MVR under Dr. Apoorva Kanhere

Nirnay Kapoor ( India TV, Ahmedabad)

I distinctly remember the day six years ago. I was lying on the table in a CathLab, waiting for doctor to arrive and perform angioplasty procedure on me. I had hoped and wished once earlier that I would never land on this table ever again. But there I was, and for second time awaiting my time. It was precisely at this moment Dr Samir Dani walked in and said, “All good. Nothing to worry.” Really! All I could blurt out, “Today may be fine but don’t know whether I would be third time lucky.” Well…he simply smiled and made me a promise, “We will not let that third time come. Don’t worry at all..”


Since then, Dr Dani has personally ensured that and has kept his word since. Today, I lead a healthy, fit and a carefree (not careless!) life. So much so, many around me tell me that I am an inspiration to them! But to me, it is Dr Dani who has been a source of real inspiration. He has always been around, not just as a seasoned cardiologist but even as an equally great human being and a phenomenal motivator. His smile takes away half the pain and gives one confidence. To me he epitomizes what former American President John F Kennedy said, “Grace under pressure is courage.”

As my doctor, he was concerned about my diabetes, extra weight and irregular work life which required me to travel and consume food at odd hours. So he put me in touch with one of his medico colleague Dr. Rucha Mehta, who along with Dr Dani, helped me lose 30 kilo grams over last two years. Today, my diabetes of almost two decades is in a reversal mode.

I jokingly say, “Dr Dani is the only person in the world who has the right to play with my heart.”

Now that he is setting up a new hospital at a distance that I can easily hop, skip and jump, I feel more relaxed than ever. I wish him the best and hope he continues to spread joy and help those struggling with the health of their hearts, a great and joyous life ahead.

Thank You and wish there were a few more like you in the society. God Bless.

Mr. Rajesh Chowdhary (Prakash Motors, Anand)

Transparency in treatment & communication gives patient & relatives a big relief. My all fears regarding my heart were treated with compassion. My personal thanks to Dr Dani & team for giving me & family a normal life.